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By the left, by the fucking left, LEFT!

If you go anytime to England, you should drive here. It's intersting if you drive in Spain, and it's very funny. The first question for you it's a direction of the road: usually you take a rigth but... It's wrong. I have been driving for ten hours [Nottingham/Edimburgo/Nottingham] for second and first roads and I made two 'Spanish things'. 1. In Edimburgo, I took a street for the right, when I had the police back to me. It's not problem, I found the solution: drave for the pedestrian place and I was in the fucking left again. Ok, maybe it's not good, but the officer didn't say anything to me. 2. I haven't problems with the rondabout but I always go out of petrol station for the right. And the English driver it's very polite in the road.... not here. Finally, I understand because England hasn't unemployer: all people should be making road cones. There are orange, red, blue and green. And you can see mi