The mass grave of Marrufo

I must write in English, because I' am afraid I won't pass the exam from the Official Language School. I write very badly in English so I'm practicing here. I apologize for my grammar mistakes. And I’m sorry about writing in English, but it’s my blog and I have to do it if I want to pass. Please, tell me if you think that I made a mistake, because I need it!

In the Spanish Civil War there were a lot of crimes. Horrible acts as firing squads; A lot of people was buried in the roads, in mountains. In Cádiz the war was short, but here were very traumatic events. Maybe, the more important event was in Marrufo. Marrufo is a country house near of Gibraltar. This one was bombarded because the people didn't want help Franco's troops and they ran to the house to combat nationals. But the military bombarded and conquered the Marrufo and they punished the people.

The investigators say that the people were locked up for the military: the men in the house, and the women and children in the church. But the worst were the firing squads. A lot of people died and they were buried in the land, without name, without gravestone, all together.

So, now the families are looking the mass grave to Marrufo. The investigators say that is the greater mass grave to Cádiz. Politicians, historians and families are together to do justice. And this summer they are going to begin the excavations in the country house. I only say them good luck! Is an important job to close the Civil War.


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