Nobody wants to be lonely

There you are
in a darkened room
and you´re all alone
looking out the window
your heart is cold
and lost the will to love
like a broken arrow

Here i stand in the shadows

come to me
come tome
can´t you see that


Nobody wants to be lonely
nobody wants to cry
my body´s longing to hold you
so bad it hurts inside
time is precious and it´s
slipping away
and i´ve been waitin´ for you all
of my life
nobody wants to be lonely
so why
why don´t you let me love you

Can you hear my voice

do you hear my song
it´s a serenade
so your heart can find me
and suddenly you´re
flying down the stairs
into my arms, baby

Before i start going crazy

run to me
run to me
´cause i´m dyin

Repeat chorus

I wanna feel you need me

just like the air you´re breathin
í need you here in my life

don´t walk away

don´t walk away
don´t walk away
don´t walk away,no

Nobody wants to be lonely

nobody wants to cry- 

Que conste que el vídeo que realizaron Christina Aguilera y Ricky Martin allá por el 2000 me parece una catetada, pero la letra que escribió Desmond Child me encanta. No lo puedo remediar.


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